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Blade customization process

Update:05 Jan 2019

In recent years, the technological development of many […]

In recent years, the technological development of many high-end manufacturing fields in China has brought new requirements to blade customization. For example, automotive blades must be characterized by high efficiency, high stability and specialization. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, new requirements have emerged. From a technical point of view, there are mainly heavy-duty, composite, specialization, The trend of standardization, high speed and variety. In the field of aerospace manufacturing, with the wide application of blades, how to correctly select and rationally use blades for efficient and high-quality cutting has become a very important industry topic. What is the specific process of blade customization?
1. Material selection - casting according to requirements - casting is mainly to increase the density of the material, and at the same time will produce unnecessary hardness.
2. Annealing - so that the hardness can be rapidly reduced to facilitate finishing.
3. Finishing - mainly processing the blank material. Quenching - to increase the hardness of the molded product.
4. Insulation - In order to increase the wear resistance of the product, it is necessary to keep warm for a long time. First grinding - grinding product accuracy, gloss, parallelism, etc.
5. Inspection - Reject non-conforming products into the market.
6. Packaging - different packaging according to different products. Finished product - waiting for delivery.
After the above steps are completed, the blade customization can be completed. The main indicators for measuring the quality of blade customization are: material, wear resistance and hardness. You can pay attention to these three aspects when choosing, to ensure the choice of high-quality blade customization.

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